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Welcome to the Mackay Choristers

We want you to feel welcome and be part of us!


We are a 34 member SATB choir with 11 sopranos, 12 altos, 7 tenors and 4 basses.


Here is a quick rundown of choir contacts and what you need to know:


Linda Street - Choir Director

Ms. Street is the choir's director. Discuss the level of your musical skills and she will suggest where you can best fit into the ensemble.

Linda Street was raised in a musical family in Clinton, Ontario. She has been singing in choirs most of her life, some as far away as Paris, France. She studied French and music at the University of Waterloo, singing in two choirs there. Linda began directing the choir at the Holmesville United Church and then the Wesley-Willis United Church choir. She is thrilled to be directing the MacKay Choristers and has already had the Choristers participate in a workshop with Victoria Meredith, professor at the University of Western Ontario, and looks forward to planning other choral events for the active seniors.

In addition to choral conducting, Linda plays flute in the Goderich Laketown Band and has recently begun teaching voice. She works at the Knox Presbyterian Church, Goderich.


Linda Street

Deborah Bailey - Piano Accompanist

Our new choir piano accompanist is Deborah Bailey.


Deborah Bailey

Rob Evans - Choir President

Rob is the president of Mackay Choristers; he will welcome you to the group and find out about any special need or skill you may have. The president chairs the Chorister's executive committee meetings and keeps members up-to-date on Chorister plans and activities. He will often call for volunteers to help with Chorister projects. All Choristers are encouraged to participate in these various projects and special events. If you need a ride or other assistance, tell Rob and he will do an announcement during the break to find someone who can help.


Rob Evans

Roy Price - Past President Roy Price

Nick Vandermey - Vice President

Nick Vandermey
Nancy Adams - Secretary

The Choristers' secretary keeps the membership list along with phone numbers, street and email addresses. When you join you will be given a form to complete to get your name, phone numbers and address. The secretary will also arrange for your name tag which is worn at every practice.

Nancy Adams
Chris Evans - Treasurer

The treasurer and will fill you in on registration and costs. Our fee for 2016-2017 is $100.00, $10.00 of which provides us membership in the MacKay Centre for Seniors. Fees cover the costs for copying music scores and fees for our director and our pianist. We also raise funds through our concerts and various other projects like cabarets, dinner shows, silent auctions, etc.


Chris Evans
Mary Hay + Jane Hoggart - Librarians

They look after our music library. Music is listed by member number and the librarian will issue you a number and a set of music scores. They keep us up to date with the selections we need.

  • Please don't write in pen or high lighter on the music sheets or booklets.
  • Pencil marks that are erasable are OK.
  • Keep music in a black 3-ring binder.

Most members mark up their copies in pencil with notes learned during the practices.

Mary Hay

Jane Hoggart

Choir Uniforms

Helen Dykstra takes care of the choir uniforms. At concerts, women wear uniforms ($25 annual rental), men wear black or dark-blue bowties with white shirts, blazers, gray slacks, and black or dark-brown dress shoes. Before some events, the gals may decide a different colour ensemble. At practices and some performances, Choristers wear the short-sleeved Chorister golf shirt ($15) which is available from the Uniform Committee during practices.


Helen Dykstra

Lynne Price - Member-at-Large

Have a problem, question or complaint? Talk to Lynne and she will maintain your confidence while making your opinion known.

Lynne Price

Nancy Ross – Event Coordinator

If you would like to book the MacKay Choristers for an event please contact

Nancy at 519-524-1135 or


Nancy Ross




Telephone Committee

A telephone committee may call you if a session is cancelled or for some other reason. Ruth Bean call sopranos, Marlene Starkey calls altos, Doug Jamieson calls tenors, and John MacDonald the basses.


Choir Practices

Weekly practices are at the Mackay Centre, Thursdays 9:30 am to 11:30 am.

  • Best to arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Members sign the attendance register and wear name tags.
  • If you need to miss a subsequent practice, sign the Missed Practice Sheet.
  • Mackay Centre is completely accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Some folks arrive singly, some car pool.
  • If you need assistance, talk to Lynne Price.


Choir Concerts

The upcoming concert schedule is announced at the start of every practice. If you cannot make a concert, please let Linda Street know prior or contact Lynne Price by email at or by phone 519-565-5876.


Contact List

A friendly reminder to give your name and number to whoever welcomed you if you need to be contacted.




Full Slate of Executive Committee:

  • Rob Evans
Past President
  • Roy Price
Vice President
  • Nick Vandermey
  • Nancy Adams
  • Chris Evans
  • Mary Hay
  • Helen Dykstra
  • Doug Jamieson
  • Genevieve Madden
Event Coordinator
  • Nancy Ross


  • Ruth Bean


  • Marlene Starkey


  • Doug Jamieson


  • John MacDonald
  • Colleen Maguire




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