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The music download page is a work in progress. Do you think something belongs on the website? Please submit any material you have to Ralph Laviolette during choir practice so we can add them to the website.

Here you can download and listen to various songs performed by the Mackay Choristers. The sound quality varies depending on the recording equipment used.

The majority of the songs on this page have been extracted from analogue video camcorder tapes then digitized to mp3 music file format.

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Song List - Sound of Goderich May 16, 2006 (VHS Tape)

01 Mozart's Hallelujah (2min 45sec)

02 Danny Boy (3min 11sec)

03 Amadeus Mozart Tribute (3min 52sec)

04 What a Wonderful World (2min 37sec)

05 Traditional Gospel Medley (3min 50sec)


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